How to Get a Girlfriend - Carlos Xuma - Alpha Male Dating

"Carlos is one of the nicest and most respected dating gurus I've come across, and I'm glad to call him a good friend. He's genuinely sincere about providing the best help and advice to his subscribers and customers, churning out top information that's second to none.

The conversational style of an alpha male really hits me. Carlos guided me the correct way to ask question making the rejection to be minimal and I will be in control most of the time. Not to mention, my success rate improve drastically."

- David Kwan,
"The Alpha Immersion workshop definitely laid the foundation of my becoming an Alpha Man. By having he Alpha Man mindset, women are naturally more attracted to me. Since the workshop, I have increased my streams of female income - bars, dance clubs, speed-dating and so on. Being an Alpha Man is about knowing what I stand for and not wavering under pressure. Consequently, my interaction with women have been more direct and firm. Does that mean I am where I want to be with women now? No, but now I have a success model to fall back on when I make a mistake. In this self-improvement journey I have angered a few women but also had quite a few successes. The key is not compromising and being willing to walk away from women say "next!". Thanks to the Alpha Man training, my latest successes include sleeping with a woman I met speed-dating. The Alpha mindset Carlos teaches is what women really want and need! Thanks for the great materials you keep putting out."

- Renaissance
"Lock the door, close the blinds and put out the do not disturb sign. You will not want to miss one moment of Carlos Xuma's life changing, spell binding journey on how to become an empowered man.

Carlos uses advanced techniques, tons of exercises and puts it all together with strategies that are applicable in the real world. There are no fancy terms or silly acronyms, only real advice for real men who are ready to take the challenge and change their lives.

If you are frustrated and find it difficult to gain the attention of today's complicated woman, you owe it to yourself to get this incredible, information packed DVDs. Carlos brilliant insights will stop you in your tracks; apply this information and women will be clamoring for your attention."

- C.J. Chandler, Advisor
"Since I have gone through the seminar, I've met a beautiful woman and am just working the principles you taught to the max. It's been a total gas! Gone is the neediness, hence this woman - who just called at quarter of 8:00 this morning trying to get me to play tennis with her when I told her last night that I can't get together at all today-is right. It has been a total turnaround for me. I used to be the guy who would buy flowers, call every day, be a total, pathetic wuss. Not anymore. The coolest thing about this program is it permeates, every aspect of your life and if you really listen, I mean really listen. This isn't about being a pickup artist. It is about becoming a better man. Do yourself a favor, pay the man, take the course!"

- David C.
"If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself to get this area of your life handled, you have come to the right place. Carlos has done an excellent job of packing a wide variety of information into a fun, easy to grasp presentation.

But be forewarned - the full value of this program will not be realized immediately upon completion. If you are prepared to do the necessary work, this program will give you the tools as well as the roadmap to help you achieve Alpha Man status and reach your goals. And yes, the chicks will love you for it."

- D.S., NYC
"There is so much valuable content in the 'Alpha Immersion' program - it's literally staggering.

I have been watching with an acute eye and ear for almost 4 hours. I haven't watched the extras yet. I am going to have to leave that for another day. Great work!

I am really proud of you Carlos!"

- CJ
"I just finished watching your Alpha immersion program. It's an excellent product! Even after 3 full years of studying the best life and dating coaches around, I find that your ideas are very well put together and strongly communicated..."

- F.A.
"Any guy will find incredible value in this seminar. There is no fluff, no hype - it is all to-the-point. The premise is, build your 'inner game' and confidence and everything else will fall into place. Invaluable materials not just for dating BUT ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. Tons of practical info on meeting and talking to women, personal appearance, setting up your house, car, apartment, read the list below, there is a lot here. There is also some great material with women guest speakers... This guy gets it!"

- D.R., from Sydney, Australia
"I recieved the Alpha Man programs about a year ago. It's great stuff. I first purchased your Dating Black Book over two years ago then the Alpha CDs, and then the Alpha Immersion program. Your information has been extemely helpful to me. Since I've listenning to you, I've become the captain of my college soccer team. Soon I'll be playing at San Francisco State on a scholarship. I've felt I've always been a natural, but your advice has helped me bring myself out more and given me self discipline. Life is good."

- Adam W. from Loomis, CA
"I just wanted to thank you for starting me in the right direction to tapping the inner Alpha Male that has been laying dormant in me for over 12 years. Your weekly aplha tips, and Alpha Immersion DVD series is helping me be my true self and further enhancing my life with my new girlfriend who is the love of my life. Thank you so much, Carlos!"

- Christopher L.